The benefits of annual pruning in the vineyard.

Publicado : 11/05/2016 - Categorías : Noticias

Pruning the vineyard The vine is a plant that in our climate of Jumilla, by the fall and after the fall of the leaf, begins a process of hibernation needed to recover before starting a new cycle. This phase is about four months or so, and is used for pruning the vineyard, which involves cutting the branches -called sarmientos- by the desired place to leave a specific number of buds, which determine the load of grapes and the force for next year.

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Pruning the vineyard is an operation that is considered of paramount importance to maintain the balance of the vine and quality and productivity, achieving a more equal level, year after year. During the early years of the vine, also it serves to give the final shape and create a microclimate suitable for the proper development and maturation of the grapes. It is done with hand shears or with mechanical assistance, but always human intervention being required knowledge and practical enough to undertake it. Optionally, you can make a mechanical pre-pruning in order to partially cut the branches and facilitate the final task. Interestingly wounds and cuts are as small as possible, to prevent entry of microorganisms areas, making preventive treatment if necessary. During the winter the vine has a look of dry wood, being able to withstand very extreme temperatures, even below 10 ° C below zero, without the plant suffers the least. Another advantage of these temperatures is that part of the vineyard pests are eliminated. Pieces of vine shoot will be crushed in the vineyard, thus contributing to the enrichment of soil organic matter, being decomposed by microscopic flora existing naturally in the ground. Gastronomy linked to wine Jumilla Whole, once dry, branches also have culinary use, offering the coals for grilling chops indigenous kid murcianogranadina race. With the flame combustion, tasty dishes such as gazpacho, rice with rabbit and snails or gachamiga, which should be enjoyed accompanying any of it will be prepared red wines of Casa de la Ermita with barrel aging. Either directly, or previously transformed into granulated firewood, are also useful to keep warm during cold winter days.  


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