The company’s main goal is to become a model organisation in all aspects of our activity (Quality, Food Safety and Environment) through awareness, support and good practices by all staff members and the establishment of a work culture that allows us to anticipate and successfully meet the needs of our customers.

With this purpose in mind, ESENCIA WINES CELLARS has developed an action plan aimed at recognising bad habits at the workplace and encourage their correction through training and awareness-raising programmes at all levels of the organisation (quality, prevention and food safety).

This action plan is also influenced by the company’s great concern for the environment, which has resulted in the development of procedures aimed at keeping up with all the environmental and energy-related standards that affect our activity. We have all the necessary information and resources to ensure compliance with these standards and to achieve our continuous improvement targets in terms of energy efficiency. Our company’s sustainable development strategy seeks to reduce CO2 emissions, minimise pollution and encourage good waste management practices in order to preserve the quality of the environment.

The objective of our management team is to create a consistent work system which reflects the company’s sense of order and its distinctive work culture.